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We empower scale-up businesses to thrive by providing CFO services on demand, tailored to your unique needs.

Strategic Financial Expertise

Unlock the full potential of your scale-up with access to seasoned CFOs who bring extensive experience in financial strategy and decision-making. Our experts will work closely with you to craft a financial roadmap that aligns with your growth objectives, ensuring sound financial management at every stage of your journey.

Cost-Efficiency and Flexibility

Scale-ups often face fluctuating financial needs. With us, you gain the flexibility to access top-tier CFO services on a scalable basis. No need to commit to a full-time CFO position; we provide the expertise you need, precisely when you need it, minimizing costs while maximizing results.

Data-Driven Insights

In today’s data-driven business landscape, making informed decisions is critical. We leverage advanced analytics and financial modeling tools to provide you with actionable insights. You’ll gain a competitive edge by having a comprehensive understanding of your financial performance, allowing you to make strategic decisions confidently.

With by your side, you'll have a strategic financial partner dedicated to your success. Scale confidently, make informed decisions, and achieve your growth ambitions with our on-demand CFO services.

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We support scale-ups in realizing their ambitions


Financial Strategy and Planning

We work closely with scale-up companies to develop and refine their financial strategies and plans. This includes setting clear financial goals, creating budgets, and forecasting financial performance to ensure sustainable growth.

Cash Flow Management

Managing cash flow is critical for scale-ups. We help monitor cash flow, identify potential cash shortages, and implement strategies to optimize cash flow, ensuring the company has the necessary funds to support growth initiatives.


To fuel expansion, scale-ups often need to raise capital. We assist in identifying suitable funding sources, preparing investment proposals, and negotiating with investors or lenders to secure the necessary capital.

Financial Analysis and Reporting

We provide in-depth financial analysis, creating meaningful reports and key performance indicators (KPIs) to help scale-ups track their financial performance and make data-driven decisions.

Operational Efficiency

Efficient financial processes are crucial for scaling effectively. We streamline financial operations, implement financial software, and automate routine financial tasks, improving overall efficiency.

Strategic Financial Advice

Beyond traditional financial management, We offer strategic financial guidance. They can act as a trusted advisor, helping scale-ups make informed decisions that align with their long-term growth objectives.

What we do?

  • Developing (business) plans, including sales forecasts, hire schemes, marketing budgets, development/production/purchasing plans, investment budgets and cash flow forecasts
  • Preparing organizations for raising capital and providing guidance during capital rounds (due diligence, contracting, etc.)
  • Providing insight into cash flows and organizing income and expenditure flows
  • Designing (financial) business processes and the implementation of systems
  • Optimizing commercial, operational, financial or legal opportunities and risks in existing working methods
  • Setting up financial departments and supervising its people
  • Building sales infrastructures: structure through sales operations and insights through sales analytics
  • Definition and implementation of KPIs and the presentation of the (financial) performance of companies
  • (Temporary) management of financial departments in the role of CFO, Head of Finance, etc.

We offer CFO services ‘on demand’: where, when and for how long they are needed.

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Who we worked for

Shared Cargobike Platform

Responsible for the funding rounds and the financial department of a platform that leases over 1500 e-cargobikes to consumers and businesses in major European cities. Design of financial models, growth and funding need & strategy development and execution. Responsible for setup of administrative systems and financial reporting towards governments, investors and the management team. Various types of financing involved: government grants, equity, subordinated debt and asset financing.

Biggest Dutch Crafted Beer Brewery

Responsible for a successful funding of the Dutch fastest growing craft beer: development of long- term financial, valuation- and reporting model and supporting the funding round from a to z. Redefinition and implementation of a business intelligence model: sales, stock, production, purchase and cashflow.

SaaS-based Property Tech Scale-up

Responsible for Finance, Legal and HR of a fast-growing propotech tech scale-up. Responsible for the daily operations of the Finance, Legal and HR departments. Preparation and execution of an 20mio investment round. Design of core processes and systems from quote to cash (Exact, Salesforce). Design and implementation of a 5-years financial model: foundation for (international) scaling the core teams and OKR reporting. Build model for improvement in cashflow forecasting and decision making. Design of a sales remuneration plan. Design and development of shareholder- and management reporting. Reporting to CEO/shareholders (private equity)

SaaS-based Recruitment Tech Scale-up

Responsible for the departments Finance, Legal and HR of a fast-growing recruitment tech scale-up. Responsible for the daily operations of the Finance, Legal and HR departments. Involved at various investment rounds. Successful capital raises (equity and loans).. Design of core operations and finance processes and systems (Exact, Afas, Salesforce). Design and implementation of revenue/sales operations model and analytics. Development of business plans, cashflow forecasts, operations budgets, target setting and
sales compensation models.. Development of a ‘go to market’-plan for expansion to the United States. Design and development of shareholder- and management reporting. Reporting to CEO/shareholders (private equity)

Financial Services Scale-up

Responsible for the daily operations of the Finance, Operations, Planning and IT departments.Involved at various investment rounds. Responsible for the design and implementation of departments, processes and systems. Setup of the back-office departments “insurances” and “planning”. Development of successful fee-based business line. Responsible for the development of the operational client portal. Design and development of shareholder- and management reporting. Reporting to CEO/shareholders (private equity)

Rapid Scaling Botanical Rum Brand

Responsible for translating the long-term ambitions in a financial model and support of the funding round of a rapid (international) scaling Dutch botanical rum brand.

Fast Growing First Dutch Hard Seltzer Brand

Responsible for development of a multi-year financial- and reporting model, setup and implementation of financial processes and relevant applications for the first company behind the first Dutch Hard Seltzer.

International Expanding Chain of Restaurants

Responsible for the development of a financial model for the Dutch operations of an innovative healthy quick service and catering concept in Europe.

SaaS-based Customer Experience Platform Scale-up

Development of a business plan as starting point for a new investment round for this company which develops customer experience hardware and programs. The plan encompasses profit and loss statements, balance sheets, sales forecasts, hire schemes, marketing budgets, production planning, investment budgets and cashflow forecasts (for the upcoming 60 months). Leading discussions in pricing- and ‘go to market’ strategies.

Membership based Compostable Sanitary Products Scale-up

Responsible for translating the long-term ambitions in a financial model and support of the funding round.

And many, many more…